Warranty Information

When it comes to genomics, standards matter. That's why we document all our products and procedures to give you peace of mind.


All instruments come standard with a one-year manufacturer's warranty covering all parts against defect (under normal operation conditions, as outlined in the user manual.) Just contact us and we'll repair the instrument. We also offer a full line of extended service maintenance agreements tailored to meet your operational requirements. Please contact support@aati-us.com to inquire about which maintenance agreement best suits your needs.


Consumables are manufactured under GLP conditions to strict performance standards by a highly trained staff of professionals. All products are made at a single location and shipped directly to the customer with a Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

Capillary array cartridges

All arrays are made with bare fused silica capillaries, platinum electrodes and high-quality electronic components, ensuring optimum performance for the lifetime of the array. Each array undergoes standardized performance testing prior to shipment.

Fragment Analyzer Extended Warranty Options

Diamond Platinum Gold Phone/Email
Services Included in Extended Warranty Agreements
Hardware Telephone and Email Support X X X X
Software Telephone and Email Support X X X X
Free software upgrades X X X
Contract Level Preferred Response* Priority Standard Standard
On-Site Repair Visits (Travel Included)+ Unlimited Unlimited One
Unlimited Parts required for Repair (Labor Included) X X X
Consumables/Supplies Required for Repair X X X
One scheduled annual Preventative Maintenance and Operational Qualification X

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