Software Systems

Powerful software packages enable the intuitive operation of our instruments and the analysis of results post-capillary electrophoresis.

AATI Software Running on Computer



ProSize Data Analysis Software provides powerful analysis of data generated by the Fragment Analyzer, 5400 Fragment Analyzer, ZAG DNA Analyzer, and Femto Pulse. Preliminary analysis of each sample, including fragment size and concentration, is automatically provided. Further, sample-specific analysis tools are readily available. Sample and reagent kit specific analysis are enabled by Configuration Files in ProSize, unique to each Method File.

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Operational Software

Our line of parallel capillary electrophoresis instruments- the Fragment Analyzer, 5400 Fragment Analyzer, Oligo Pro II, Femto Pulse, and ZAG DNA Analyzer – use sophisticated Operational Software to control separations. Method Files for each reagent kit and specialized applications modulate injection voltage, separation voltage, run time, and other parameters that affect the separation. The Operational Software for each instrument is intuitive, allowing researchers to efficiently automate nucleic acid analysis with the programming of multiple separation runs in advance.

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