Ordering Information

Need to place an order? Access ordering information for domestic and international orders. Relevant information for USA offices, international subsidiaries and distributors is provided.

Support Services

We want our customers to get the most out of their investment from day one. AATI provides expert service, from installation to maintenance, to ensure peak performance at every turn.

Software Updates

Ensure your laboratory is running the most current versions of the Fragment Analyzer Operational Software and PROSize 2.0® Data Analysis Software. The latest updates provide features that maximize both the performance of your Fragment Analyzer and post-electrophoresis analysis.

Warranty Information

All instruments come with a standard 12-month warranty covering all parts against defect (under standard operating conditions). Technical support is also available via phone and email during the warranty period.

Safety Data Sheets

Easily access relevant safety documentation for all reagents used in our gel and enzyme kits.

Request COA

Easy access to Certificates of Analysis (COA) for our reagents is provided. Simply fill out the form and we will promptly send the requested COAs.