Support Services

As we transition into Agilent, we are dedicated to providing you with the same level of service you are accustomed to.

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Support Services

Ordering Information

We are excited to be a part of Agilent and able to provide our customers local support around the world! All orders for instruments, reagent kits, or other products will now be made through Agilent Technologies. If you were a current customer of Advanced Analytical, please download a country specific Fact Sheet and update your vendor information. For new customers, you can find your local representative on the Agilent Website.

Contact Support

We have always been proud of the service we have provided our customers, now as Agilent, our service team has grown. To receive timely service, please contact your new local service center or go to for other options.

Safety Data Sheets

Easily access safety documentation for all reagents and buffers used in our gel kits.

Software Support

Ensure your laboratory is using the latest versions of ProSize Data Analysis Software and the instrument Operational Software for these instruments:

  • 5200 Fragment Analyzer
  • 5300 Fragment Analyzer
  • 5400 Fragment Analyzer
  • Femto Pulse
  • ZAG DNA Analyzer
  • Oligo Pro II

Running current versions of our analysis and operational software allows you to access features that maximize performance of Agilent instruments. These features range from updated separation methods to new analysis tools.