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AATI Partnership Promotion

Upgrade your NGS Lab with State of the Art Quality Control Systems

Not only does AATI believe in the necessity for sample QC, but so do the leading sequencing manufacturers who have partnered with us! To celebrate, we are offering special pricing through February 28th 2018, on the two instruments used in both short-read and long-read library preparation.

Learn more about the Fragment Analyzer

The Fragment Analyzer™ Automated CE System – with variable throughput, a single array for DNA and RNA analysis, and the power of capillary electrophoresis – offers researchers a versatile instrument ideal for all applications. Evaluate the full range of nucleic acid analysis applications, from NGS library validation to genotyping, and cfDNA analysis to CRISPR mutation detection.

Learn more about the FEMTO Pulse

The FEMTO Pulse™ Automated Pulsed-Field CE Instrument is redefining nucleic acid analysis for long-read sequencing and large fragment evaluation. Visualize true distribution of DNA smears through 200,000 bp and DNA fragments down to the femtogram.

Partnership Promotion

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Offers valid on new sales only and applies only to the Fragment Analyzer and the FEMTO Pulse. Instrument must be shipped by February 28th, 2018 to be eligible for discount. Direct sales only.