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Reagent Kits are at the core of the diverse applications available for Agilent's line of analytic instruments. Learn more about available kits and find the right kits for your unique application.



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Safety Data Sheets

Maintaining a safe work environment is crucial. Access critical safety documentation for all Kit reagents with only a few clicks, providing you the information you need, when you need it.


Keep your instrument in peak performance and ensure you have the latest analysis tools with easy and fast access to the latest updates and versions of operational software and ProSize Data Analysis Software.

ProSize Data Analysis Software

The ProSize 3.0 Data Analysis Software package is now available for download.

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This latest version provides users with over a dozen new and improved features, such as:

  • Enable 21 CFR Part 11 compatibility
  • Select the concentration / molarity units that fit your research best: ng/µL and nmole/L, or pg/µL and pmole/L
  • Determine sample molarity based on Peak Maxima or Average Size of a smear
  • Determine % concentration based on molarity or concentration
  • Set the Y-axis units to molarity with a simple click
  • Specify the start time for data to display on the X-axis
  • Easily load your most recent runs
  • Use the DNA Quality Number (DQN) in DNA & NGS analysis modes for fast QC analysis of samples
  • Expand electropherogram image
  • Adjust gel/electropherogram sizes during analysis
  • Analyze a specific portion of an electropherogram using Inclusion Regions
  • Add annotations to the digital gel image and/or the electropherogram
  • Add your company logo to your reports
  • Export images that are easily adjustable to high resolution for publication work

Operational Software

Download the latest operation software updates and method files for your instrument.

5200/5300 Fragment Analyzer
Method Files
5400 Fragment Analyzer
Method Files

Custom Methods and Configuration Files

FFPE DV200 Calculation Method/Configuration Files
A quality metric developed by Illumina for ProSize. Provides unmatched assessment of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) RNA quality prior to sequencing through analysis of FFPE RNA tissue before running in TrueSeq.
High Sensitivity
RNA Kit (DNF-472)
Standard Sensitivity
RNA Kit (DNF-471)
CRISPR Plug-In Configuration Files
The CRISPR plugin can be used for calculating percent cleavages from endonuclease assays. Two different modes allow for the translation of percent cleaved to percent mutated and predicted diploid zygosity when used with the AccuCleave T7CE and CRISPR Gel Discovery Kit.

ZAG DNA Analyzer
Method Files

Custom Methods and Configuration Files

Updates to FP-1002 gDNA 165Kb Analysis Kit
Two updated method files are available. The 20 min Conditioning method is recommended as a daily conditioning step to improve separations of High Molecular Weight gDNA samples. The Method D Flush restores the shape and signal of the 165 Kb peak if it changes after repeated runs.
20 min
Conditioning Method
Method D Flush
0.5 N NaOH

Help Desk

The Help Desk is here to support the efficient performance of your nucleic acid analysis workflow. Submit a request, watch user videos, or browse frequently asked questions for the full line of Agilent instruments.

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