ZAG DNA AnalyzerTM

ZAG DNA Analyzer

The ZAG DNA Analyzer was developed for high throughput labs who need automated analysis with improved results while separating DNA fragments.

Slab gel electrophoresis methods are time consuming and prone to error. Now there's a new method that will quickly and accurately run your DNA samples.

Simple sample setup The ZAG DNA Analyzer holds up to nine 96-well deep plates. Unlike slab gels or microfluidic chips, you can quickly and easily fill the plates with a multi-channel pipetter. ZAG also holds two different separation gels which allows you to set up varying runs ahead of time. Simply set it up and walk away. ZAG will automatically switch to the gel you specified when setting up the run. Both capabilities increase the efficiency of your lab.

Fast separations When analyzing DNA fragments with the ZAG DNA Analyzer, a 96-well plate of direct PCR or diluted amplicon sample can be ready for assessment in as little as 20 minutes.

High sample capacity When coupled with the ZAG-135 reagent kit, you'll experience the highest throughput of any platform offered on the market. The ZAG DNA Analyzer uses a 96-capillary array that runs simultaneous injection of all 96 samples. A similar AATI design was a major reason the company won the Frost and Sullivan 2014 New Product Innovation Award.

LOW COST per sample ZAG competes cost-wise versus agarose after adding in the total cost of running gels. Factor in every step associated with time and labor for traditional manual gels:

  • Weighing the agarose
  • Adding the buffer
  • Heating to melt the agarose
  • Preparing the gel plate and comb
  • Pouring the molten agarose
  • Waiting for the agarose to solidify
  • Preparing the running buffer
  • Removing the comb and placing gel into the electrophoresis chamber
  • Loading the DNA samples
  • Waiting for separation to occur
  • Staining the nucleic acids
  • Photographing the separations
  • Interpreting the bands

Next, factor in lost time related to human error or differences in slightly varying techniques from technician to technician - because lab workers will sometimes "call-out" the bands differently. Finally, slab gels require technical staff to work with buffers containing toxic chemicals and dyes.

ZAG eliminates all of these problems.

The benefits of using the ZAG DNA Analyzer as compared to agarose slab gels are:

  • No more pouring gels. Simultaneous analysis of 12 to 96 samples giving you analysis of up to 864 samples automatically.
  • Higher sensitivity than agarose gels. Use small DNA sample amounts (0.1 ng).
  • Ultra fast lower marker (set to 1bp) migrates faster for superior quality and quantity assessment.
  • Good sizing capability to differentiate degraded, partially degraded or intact DNA.

With low sample cost, the ZAG DNA Analyzer is the most affordable DNA analysis instrument on the market.

Our patented technology start to finish has a significant impact on your data output including:

  • High-throughput analysis with virtually no failure rate.
  • Built-in PROSize® 2.0 Software will process over 100 sample plates at once and allow for batch processing.
  • Automatically integrates your data set into a LIMS, .csv or .pdf format.

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