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Streamline sample prep and QC for fragments of all sizes

Next-generation sequencing (next-gen sequencing or NGS) revolutionized the study of nucleic acids leading to much higher throughput than the traditional Sanger sequencing. The success of any NGS study, however, relies on the quality of the DNA or RNA samples. This makes the preparation of DNA sequencing (DNA-seq) and RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) libraries so vital. By using the Fragment Analyzer to QC your genomic DNA or RNA samples during your NGS library prep, you will have more consistency and reproducibility in your sequencing.

The Fragment Analyzer provides accurate qualification and quantification of nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) samples that have been fragmented or sheared, tailed, ligated with modified oligonucleotide, size selected, captured, released and amplified. Completing all of these steps in NGS library prep can be time consuming. To increase their potential throughput, next-gen labs are now avoiding the bottlenecks created by single-channel lab-on-chip methods and instead are now taking advantage of the faster, automated QC process using capillary electrophoresis provided by the Fragment Analyzer.

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The Fragment Analyzer offers NGS labs:

  • Simplified Sample Handling – Requires a single dilution step into a 96-well plate that can be loaded with a multi-channel pipetter.
  • Short Run Times – Complete analysis in as quickly as 40 minutes.
  • High Sensitivity – Detect library smears at initial concentrations of 50 pg/µl.
  • Multi Plate Capacity – Holds up to 288 samples in 3 x 96 well plates. Sample rows and/or plates can be analyzed in a user-defined order.
  • Suitable for All NGS Sequencing Instruments – Analysis of mate paired and large fragment libraries with an average size over 15,000bp.

The Fragment Analyzer provides you with an automated, high-throughput, walk-away workflow that delivers a qualitative and quantifiable PCR analysis.

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