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Download DV200 Metric

Automatically calculate formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) RNA samples.

Now there's a hands-free way to assess RNA quality in FFPE samples. Developed by Illumina, the DV200 metric is an automated method for calculating fragment distribution value.

Choose the method that corresponds to the concentration range of your samples.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DV200 metric and how is it used?

The DV200 metric (percentage of RNA fragments > 200 nt in size) was developed by Illumina scientists as a means to more accurately assess the quality of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) RNA tissue. Studies have shown that the mean RNA fragment size, expressed as a DV200 value, is more reliable for determining RNA quality of FFPE samples as compared to the traditional RNA Integrity Number (RIN) approach. A direct correlation has been found between the DV200 value and relative success of RNA sequencing results.

Where do I place these files to enable the automatic calculation of the DV200 metric by the Fragment Analyzer system?

After downloading, place the Fragment Analyzer method files (.mthds extension) in the "C:\AATI\Methods\33cm" directory on the instrument computer. Place the ProSize 2.0 Configuration files (.ini extension) into the "C:\PROSize 2.0\Configurations\33cm" directory on the computer containing the PROSize 2.0 software.

When the user performs the experiment using one of these Fragment Analyzer method files, the DV200 metric (percentage of RNA fragments > 200 nt in size) will be automatically calculated and displayed as a "% Total" value in the Smear Analysis tab of the resulting data in the PROSize 2.0 software.

Why are there two downloads to choose from?

Agilent - formerly Advanced Analytical has one version for Fragment Analyzer customer labs working with our High Sensitivity RNA Analysis Kit (DNF-472; input RNA concentration from 50–5,000 pg/µL) and another for our Standard Sensitivity RNA Analysis Kit (DNF-471; input RNA concentration from 5–500 ng/µL). Depending upon the typical concentration range of your samples, you can download either or both files.

Who do I contact if I run into any problems?

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