We are dedicated to listening to our customers and providing the automated electrophoresis instruments they need to remove laboratory bottlenecks associated with nucleic acid QC. No matter the size of your lab or its throughput, we have the right instrument for you.

AATI CE Instruments

Quantify, qualify, and size nucleic acids with Agilent.

No matter the downstream application you are looking towards or your lab’s throughput, Agilent - formerly Advanced Analytical (AATI), makes an automated electrophoresis instrument that can eliminate your nucleic acid QC bottlenecks. Our instruments provide unmatched nucleic acid detection and quantification through parallel capillary electrophoresis paired with either fluorescence detection or UV absorption.

Parallel capillary electrophoresis solutions from Agilent - formerly AATI adapt to any throughput demand, fitting the needs of researchers who run 12 samples a week as well as high-throughput genomics facilities that run thousands of samples a day. No matter your throughput demand, we have the solution.

Agilent - formerly AATI simplifies complex genomics workflows to accelerate research and discovery in pharmaceuticals, life science, biofuels, biotechnology and healthcare.