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Our capillary electrophoresis instruments utilize specially designed reagent kits to analyze diverse nucleic acid samples, from small RNA to genomic DNA, and NGS library quality control.

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ZAG 105 dsDNA Kit (1-500bp)

The ZAG 105 dsDNA Kit (1-500bp) (ZAG-105-5000) provides a high-throughput, high-volume analysis solution for dsDNA fragments between 1 bp and 500 bp. Common applications of this kit include PCR amplicon sizing and genotyping.

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5,000 Sample Kit
ZAG 105 dsDNA Separation Gel 500 mL (ZAG-105-0500)
Intercalating Dye 30 µL X 2 (DNF-600-U030)
5X 930 dsDNA Inlet Buffer 500 mL (DNF-355-0500)
5X Capillary Conditioning Solution 100 mL (DNF-475-0100)
1 bp and 500 bp Markers, 10% Formamide 3.2 mL (FA-MRK900F-0003)
35 bp – 400 bp Range DNA Ladder 1.0 Ml X 2 (FS-SLR905-0001)
Mineral Oil Dropper Bottle 15 mL (FS-SMO15)
Dilution Buffer 1X TE 125 mL (DNF-495-0125)


Specifications Description
Sample Volume Required 2 µL
Total Electrophoresis Run Time 60 minutes (33-55 Array); 80 minutes (55-80)
DNA Sizing Range 35 bp – 500 bp
Separation Resolution 5-10 bp @ 300 bp (33-55 Array); 3-5 bp @ 300 bp (55-80 Array)
DNA Sizing Accuracy ±5% or better
DNA Sizing Precision 2% CV
DNA Fragment Concentration Range 0.5 ng/µL – 50 ng/µL input DNA (adjustable by dilution of sample)


The high-throughput qualitative analysis of DNA fragments with capillary electrophoresis necessitates the use of a high quality DNA ladder. The 35 bp – 400 bp Range DNA Ladder (Figure 1) enables relative quantification and accurate sizing of DNA fragments between 1 bp and 500 bp (bounded by upper and lower markers). PCR amplicons, microsatellite, and genotyping applications are ideal uses of this kit.

Figure 1
Figure 1. Separation of the 35 bp - 400 bp Range DNA Ladder (FS-SLR905-0001) performed on a ZAG DNA Analyzer equipped with a Short Capillary Array (33-55) using the ZAG 105 dsDNA Kit (1-500bp) (ZAG-105-5000).

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