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Our capillary electrophoresis instruments utilize specially designed reagent kits to analyze diverse nucleic acid samples, from small RNA to genomic DNA, and NGS library quality control.

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Standard Sensitivity Genomic DNA Analysis Kit

The Genomic DNA Kit (DNF-487) is used for the automated analysis of high concentration genomic DNA in the 20 Kb range. Common applications include the evaluation of samples for next generation sequencing. It is also suited to the analysis of degraded DNA, such as FFPE preserved samples. To help streamline laboratory workflows, the Genomic Quality Number (GQN) is calculated post-separation in PROSize® 2.0, providing a user-defined metric of sample quality. Note: This kit only uses a lower marker.

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Components500 Sample Kit1,000 Sample Kit
Genomic DNA Separation Gel240 mL (DNF-270-0240)500 mL (DNF-270-0500)
Intercalating Dye30 µL (DNF-600-U030)30 µL x 2 (DNF-600-U030)
5X 930 dsDNA Inlet Buffer125 mL (DNF-355-0125)300 mL (DNF-355-0300)
5X Capillary Conditioning Solution50 mL (DNF-475-0050)100 mL (DNF-475-0100)
SS Genomic DNA Diluent Marker Solution2.4 mL x 5 vials (DNF-376-0003)2.4 mL x 10 vials (DNF-376-0003)
SS Genomic DNA Ladder100 µL (DNF-393-U100)100 µL x 2 (DNF-393-U100)
0.6X TE Rinse Buffer125 mL (DNF-496-0125)125 mL (DNF-496-0125)
BF-2000 Blank Solution8 mL (DNF-302-0008)8 mL (DNF-302-0008)


Sample Volume Required2 µL
Diluent Marker Volume Required22 µL
DNA Sizing Range50 bp – 20,000 bp
gDNA Concentration Range5 ng/µL -200 ng/µL input gDNA
gDNA Quantification Accuracy± 25%
gDNA Quantification Precision± 15% CV
Maximum gDNA Concentration 200 ng/µL
Total Electrophoresis Run Time 30 min (Ultra-Short Array, 22-47); 50 minutes (Short Array, 33-55); 80 minutes (Long Array, 55-80)


Effective quantitative analysis of genomic DNA samples requires the use of a high quality DNA ladder. Figure 1 displays a typical separation of the SS Genomic DNA Ladder (DNF-393). The peaks are well separated and defined, allowing for the precise and accurate measurement of genomic DNA samples. While an upper marker is not used with this kit, the 20 Kb fragment provides an extended sizing range.

Figure 1
Figure 1. A typical separation of the Standard Sensitivity Genomic DNA Ladder (DNF-393) performed on a Fragment Analyzer equipped with a Short Capillary Array (33-55) using the Standard Sensitivity Genomic DNA Analysis Kit.

A separation of human gDNA with a Genomic Quality Number (GQN) of 9.7 is shown in Figure 2. Preparations of gDNA vary in quality for innumerable reasons ranging from purification technique, age, to sample source, to the point that a fixed quality metric is of limited use. A distinct advantage of the gDNA analysis kits available for the Fragment Analyzer, the GQN provides an efficient metric of user-defined quality. The GQN is assigned based on how much of the sample exceeds the user-selected threshold on a scale of 0 to 10. An adaptive metric for gDNA quality allows users to decide what "good" quality DNA is for their unique application.

Figure 2
Figure 2. Human gDNA sample separated on a Fragment Analyzer equipped with a Short Capillary Array (33-55) using the Standard Sensitivity Genomic DNA Analysis Kit (DNF-487). The blue dotted line depicts the user selected threshold of 10,000 bp for the determination of GQN. With a threshold of 10,000 bp the GQN for this sample is 9.7.

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