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Our capillary electrophoresis instruments utilize specially designed reagent kits to analyze diverse nucleic acid samples, from small RNA to genomic DNA, and NGS library quality control.

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NGS Fragment Kit (1-6000bp)

The NGS Fragment Kit (1-6000bp) (DNF-473) provides an automated solution to the quality assessment of high concentration NGS libraries prior to sequencing. The correct determination of molarity for optimum flow-cell loading is a critical step in NGS, and DNF-473 efficiently and accurately determines the average size of a library and its concentration. An accurate and precise molarity calculation helps ensure quality NGS results. Use DNF-473 to increase the efficiency of your genomic research.

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Components500 Sample Kit1,000 Sample Kit
NGS Fragment Separation Gel240 mL (DNF-240-0240)500 mL (DNF-240-0500)
Intercalating Dye30 µL (DNF-600-U030)30 µL x 2 (DNF-600-U030)
5X 930 dsDNA Inlet Buffer125 mL (DNF-355-0125)300 mL (DNF-355-0300)
5X Capillary Conditioning Solution50 mL (DNF-475-0050)100 mL (DNF-475-0100)
SS NGS Fragment Diluent Marker Solution2.4 mL x 5 vials (DNF-374-0003)2.4 mL x 10 vials (DNF-374-0003)
SS NGS Fragment DNA Ladder100 µL (DNF-399-U100)100 µL x 2 (DNF-399-U100)
0.6X TE Rinse Buffer125 mL (DNF-496-0125)125 mL (DNF-496-0125)
BF-2000 Blank Solution8 mL (DNF-302-0008)8 mL (DNF-302-0008)


Sample Volume Required2 µL
Diluent Marker Volume Required22 µL
DNA Sizing Range100 bp – 6,000 bp
Separation ResolutionShort Array: 25 bp - 100 bp ≤ 10%; 100 bp - 2000 bp ≤ 5%; 2000 bp - 5000 bp ≤ 10%
DNA Sizing Accuracy± 5% or better
DNA Sizing Precision2% CV
DNA Fragment Concentration Range0.1 ng/µL - 10 ng/µL input DNA
DNA Smear Concentration Range5 ng/µL - 100 ng/µL input DNA
DNA Quantification Accuracy± 25 %
DNA Quantification Precision15 % CV
Maximum DNA Concentration10 ng/µL per fragment; 100 ng/µL total
Total Electrophoresis Run Time50 minutes (Short Array, 33-55); 80 minutes (Long Array, 55-80)


Figure 1 depicts a typical separation of the Standard Sensitivity NGS DNA Ladder (DNF-374). The peaks are well separated and clearly defined, providing a standard curve for the sizing and quantification of DNA smears, namely NGS libraries.

Figure 1
Figure 1. A typical separation of the Standard Sensitivity NGS DNA Ladder (DNF-374) performed on a Fragment Analyzer equipped with a Short Capillary Array (33-55) using the NGS Fragment Kit (1-6000bp).

An example of a high quality NGS library is depicted in Figure 2. Signs of a successful library preparation include:

  • A smooth, defined smear of the desired average size
  • No Primer Dimers
  • No Adapter Dimers

Conversely, a poor quality separation is stipulated by the lack of one or more of the characteristics of a high quality NGS smear. An NGS library of poor quality is more likely to compromise sequencing results, decreasing depth and providing lower quality reads.

Figure 2
Figure 2. High quality NGS library separated on a Fragment Analyzer equipped with a Short Capillary Array (33-55) using the NGS Fragment Kit (1-6000bp) (DNF-473).

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