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Our capillary electrophoresis instruments utilize specially designed reagent kits to analyze diverse nucleic acid samples, from small RNA to genomic DNA, and NGS library quality control.

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Small RNA Kit

The Small RNA Kit (DNF-470) provides automated analysis of small RNAs. The kit excels in the evaluation of small RNAs for downstream applications, notably including small RNA NGS libraries. Able to distinguish between precursor small RNA and functional small RNA, it can also quantify the amount of microRNA present in any given sample. To help streamline laboratory workflows, post-separation analysis using the Small RNA Analysis Region function in ProSize 2.0 easily quantifies the microRNA and small RNA present in a sample. Note: This kit is optimized for use on a 12 capillary array.

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275 Sample Kit
Small RNA Separation Gel250 mL (DNF-262-0250)
Intercalating Dye30 µL (DNF-600-U030)
5X 930 dsDNA Inlet Buffer125 mL (DNF-355-0125)
5X Capillary Conditioning Solution50 mL (DNF-475-0050)
Small RNA Diluent Marker4 mL x 2 (DNF-368-0004)
Small RNA Ladder60 µL (DNF-361-U060)
0.25X TE Rinse Buffer125 mL (DNF-497-0125)
BF-25 Blank Solution8 mL (DNF-300-0008)
Eppendorf LoBind® 0.5 mL tubespackage of 50


Sample Volume Required2 µL
Diluent Marker Volume Required18 µL
RNA Sizing Range15 - 200 nt
Qualitative Range25 pg/µL - 2500 pg/µL (microRNA region)
Quantitative Range50 pg/µL - 2000 pg/µL (microRNA region)
Quantification Precision25% CV (Small RNA Ladder)
Total Electrophoresis Run Time17 minutes (Ultra-Short Array, 22-47); 22 minutes (Short Array,33-55)


With the increasing interest in small RNAs for downstream applications such as NGS, the accurate and efficient analysis of small RNAs from a variety of sources is crucial. Small RNA sample analysis is dependent upon the employment of a high quality small RNA ladder as seen in Figure 1. The Small RNA Kit (DNF-470) is able to measure the size and concentration of small RNAs, including functional microRNAs, due to the Small RNA Ladder (DNF-361). The Small RNA Ladder, comprised of small RNA fragments, enhances the accuracy and precision of fragment size and concentration measurements beyond other analysis methods.

Figure 1
Figure 1. A typical separation of the Small RNA Ladder (DNF-361) performed on a Fragment Analyzer equipped with a Short Capillary Array (33-55) using the Small RNA Kit (DNF-470).

The Small RNA Kit (DNF-470) provides a more detailed analysis of the small RNA region than possible with the HS RNA Analysis Kit (DNF-472) as shown in Figure 2. The same total RNA sample from Corn Leaf was run on the Fragment Analyzer using each respective analysis kit. The HS RNA Analysis Kit (DNF-472) provides an excellent overview of the sample, indicating that the extracted total RNA is high quality with an RQN of 10.0. The Small RNA Kit (DNF-470) takes the analysis a step further with not only a more detailed separation of the small RNA region, but quantifying the amount of small RNA and microRNA present in the total RNA sample.

Figure 2a
Figure 2b
Figure 2. Total RNA extracted from corn leaf separated using the HS RNA Analysis Kit (15 nt) (DNF-472) (TOP) and the Small RNA Kit (DNF-470) (BOTTOM). Capillary electrophoresis was performed on a Fragment Analyzer equipped with a Short Capillary Array (33-55). Both kits show the small RNA region, but the Small RNA Kit (DNF-470) depicts the region in more detail, distinguishing between the microRNA region (10 nt – 40 nt) and the small RNA region (10 nt – 200 nt).

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