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Developed for low-throughput, agarose-based laboratories, AccuCleave – Agarose provides uncompromising detection of CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing events.

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DNF-443-0002CP AccuCleave™ C2 Control Kit

AccuCleave Agarose Kits
100 Sample AccuCleave C2 Control Kit

The AccuCleave C2 Control Kit provides researchers with DNA controls for the AccuCleave family of enzyme cleavage kits. The kit includes two DNA controls, a WT and -2 bp InDel, providing users with robust reaction controls for heteroduplex cleavage assays.

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Components 100 Sample Kit
WT Control 20 µL (CP-PC1-U020)
-2 bp Control 20 µL (CP-PC5-U020)
Primer Set 1 20 µL (CP-PRM1-U020)


The AccuCleave C2 Control Kit includes two DNA controls, the WT control and the -2 bp InDel control. When employed with any of the AccuCleave Kits (AccuCleave T7 (DNA-100-0100) or AccuCleave T7CE (DNF-440-1000CP)), the controls provide simple confirmation of heteroduplex cleavage assay success, simultaneously supporting assay optimization. Figure 1 shows the included DNA controls.

Figure 1
Figure 1. WT Control and the -2 bp Control separated using the CRISPR Discovery Gel Kit (DNF-910-1000CP) on a Fragment Analyzer equipped with a Short Capillary Array (33-55).

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