We produce high quality reagent kits and capillary arrays for use with our capillary electrophoresis instruments to ensure the generation of accurate results.

Reagent Kit Box

Consumable Products

Agilent - formerly Advanced Analytical (AATI) produces high quality consumable products to accelerate and simplify complex workflows, bringing researchers meaningful results sooner. We are proud to produce meticulously designed and rigorously tested capillary arrays, reagent kits, and kits for the detection of CRISPR mutations.

Reagent Kits

Reagent kits are available for the analysis of all types of nucleic acid: RNA, DNA, small RNA, plasmid, genomic, microsatellites, messenger RNA, NGS libraries, large fragment DNA, the list goes on and on. Find the correct reagent kit for your exact application here and learn about what all the kits can do.

Capillary Arrays

Capillary arrays are the core of the Fragment Analyzer, capable of easily separating nucleic acids with superior resolution. Available in different lengths and number of capillaries, our capillary arrays are robust and are ideal for any application and throughput.