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US Army, Battelle Memorial Institute & AATI Announce Cooperative Agreement

Published: Monday, April 3rd, 2006
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Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc. announces that it has signed a joint Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with US Army Edgewood Chemical Biology Center at Aberdeen Proving Ground.

This CRADA is focused on the potential application of the Advanced Analytical technology to effectively detect bioterrorism agents. Advanced Analytical has fundamental expertise in enumerating and detecting individual microbial cells as well as being able to identify specific microbial species. The threat of bioterrorism is a reality and the United States government is continuing to fund the development of interesting technologies to address this threat.

According to Ms. Laurie Fazekas-Carey of the ECBC, “This Agreement is a milestone in the multi-year relationship with Advanced Analytical and their RBD 3000 technology platform. ECBC has been working with the technology for over two years and is looking forward to exploring ways that it can be expanded to further our mission to detect chemical and biological agents.”

Battelle is a world-wide leader in directed research & development for both government entities as well as private industry. The Project Manager from Battelle is Ms. Lauren McNew. “This agreement is very consistent with our charter as well as our expertise. This project has a potential to meaningfully improve our national security and we are pleased to be a participant.”

Because of the fundamental opportunity this brings Advanced Analytical, Dr. Steven Lasky, President and CEO, has initiated the scientific research to support this endeavor. “ECBC has been a customer for years and we are looking forward to collaborating with them in applying our technology to a portable detection platform.”

About US Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center at Aberdeen Proving Ground

The Edgewood Chemical Biological Center’s (ECBC) science and technology expertise has protected the United States from the threat of chemical weapons since 1917. Since that time, the Center has expanded its mission to include biological materials and emerges today as the nation’s premier authority on chemical and biological defense.

About Battelle Memorial Institute

Battelle is a global science and technology enterprise that develops and commercializes technology and manages laboratories for customers. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Battelle has a vast science and technology reach. Battelle, with the national labs it manages or co-manages, oversees 19,000 staff members and conducts $2.9 billion in annual research and development. Battelle provides solutions and develops innovative products, helping commercial customers leverage technology into a competitive advantage. We also team with more than 800 federal, state and local government agencies, providing cost-effective science and technology in the areas of national security, homeland defense, health and life sciences, energy, transportation and environment.

About Advanced Analytical

Advanced Analytical was founded in 1998 in Ames, Iowa. This privately held corporation is comprised of a team of highly qualified scientists, engineers and support personnel whose specialties include flow cytometry, cell biology, industrial microbiology, spectroscopy, analytical chemistry, computer technology, optical engineering, and dedicated manufacturing.

Advanced Analytical’s flagship instrument, the RBD 3000, detects and enumerates biomass and total viable organisms. The fully-automated RBD 3000 provides unparalleled speed and accuracy with analysis of up to unattended 42 samples. Test kits for total viable organisms (TVO) and biomass are also available. For more information visit their website at

See the official press release here.

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