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New Kit for Large DNA Fragment Analysis

Published: Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016
Tags: Fragment Analyzer, Regent Kits

Enhanced analysis of large fragments and smears.

Fast and accurate analysis of large DNA fragments and smears is of the utmost importance as downstream applications become more sophisticated. Traditional methods, such as pulse-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE), are reliant upon agarose gels that lack precision and accuracy, and are extremely time consuming. To this end AATI has developed a new kit specifically for the analysis of large DNA samples, such as the next-generation long read sequencing libraries produced by Pacific Biosciences kits.

The DNF-464 High Sensitivity Large Fragment 50 Kb Analysis Kit is ideal for the sizing and quantitation of samples through 50 Kb in size. The sizing capability of the kit is achieved via the normalization of samples and the inclusion of a 48.5 Kb DNA fragment in the DNA ladder. Perhaps even more extraordinarily, the kit has a run time up to 20 times faster than PFGE, completing a separation in less than an hour. The new large fragment kit is ideal for use in a number of applications, either as a quality assurance step for downstream applications or as the terminal analysis of an experiment.

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