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Fragment Analyzer INFINITY Released at SLAS 2016

Published: Friday, January 1st, 2016
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Fragment Analyzer INFINITY

AATI releases fully automated capillary electrophoresis instrument capable of seamless integration into a robotic workflow.

AATI recently attended the annual 2016 meeting of the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS). As an organization SLAS serves as the premier resource for laboratory automation within the life science research community. Due to the appeal of laboratory automation across biological research SLAS has a diverse membership base, making the annual meeting an ideal occasion for AATI to share new solutions for nucleic acid analysis.

At SLAS 2016, AATI announced the release of the Fragment Analyzer INFINITYTM to enthusiastic conference attendees. With fully automated drawers and the ability to integrate with LIMS and almost any robotic arm, the INFINITY is able to run over 2400 samples a day without human intervention. Initially designed with large scale genomics laboratories in mind, it is perfect for any high-throughput application. Importantly, it is compatible with all of the rigorously tested kits developed for the Fragment AnalyzerTM. With such a broad array of applications, a large number of conference-goers were interested in how they could employ the Fragment Analyzer INFINITY in their research.

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