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Fragment AnalyzerTM Assists Researchers at Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Published: Friday, June 21st, 2013
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A new instrument for analyzing DNA and RNA has created a buzz at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) in Boston.

So many researchers want to learn how to use it, that the equipment manufacturer's CEO is providing additional training to DFCI.

"Dana Farber is on the front lines of the battle against cancer. If additional training classes will help scientists to advance that cause, then I'm all for it," said Dr. Steven J. Lasky, CEO of Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc. (AATI) of Ames, Iowa.

Researchers at Dana Farber's Center for Functional Cancer Epigenetics began using the Iowa company's Fragment Analyzer Automated CE System in April, 2013. The epigenetics center explores the key role that epigenetic alterations and abnormal transcriptional regulation play in the development and progression of cancer. A better understanding of these alterations will lead to better cancer diagnosis and the knowledge required for developing cancer therapeutics.

In a lab led by Associate Director Dr. Henry Long, researchers initially began using the Fragment Analyzer to assist with analysis of chromatin immunoprecipitation and next-generation sequencing (ChIP-seq) projects.

"The Fragment Analyzer provides us with superior data compared to our previous methods from a lab-on-chip instrument and slab-based gels," said Dr. Long. "Not only is the data better, but the Fragment Analyzer allows us to accelerate our lab's workflow because it's so easy to use, and so versatile."

According to Dr. Long's assistant, Dr. Prakash Rao, "word has gotten around about the utility of the Fragment Analyzer" to other labs at Dana Farber. For now, Dr. Long's lab uses the Fragment Analyzer to qualify DNA fragments prior to next-generation sequencing runs, and to analyze genomic DNA fragments of approximately 20,000 base pairs.

Other labs at Dana Farber are not only interested in those applications, but also want to learn how to use the Fragment Analyzer for total RNA analysis. Other AATI customers are already doing such work. For example, recently the TATAA Biocenter in Göteborg, Sweden decided to incorporate the Fragment Analyzer into their standard operating procedures for gene expression profiling, an RNA-related application.

"It's my understanding that at least two laboratories at Dana Farber want to learn how to use our technology to study RNA," said AATI's Dr. Lasky. "We are thrilled to support Dana Farber – it just makes sense to expose our technology to as many researchers as possible. Besides, it's the right thing to do. Our mission is to build tools scientists can use to advance human progress, in this case the early detection and treatment of cancer."

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