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Export Growth Jumps 260%

Published: Thursday, September 20th, 2012
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Scientific instrument manufacturer Advanced Analytical ( of Ames, Iowa, reported today that the company has achieved record-breaking international sales growth that is already 260% ahead of the firm's exported shipments in 2011.

Advanced Analytical shipped $544,000 in exports during 2011. At the close of business on Friday, Sept. 14, the company reached $1,426,000 in export sales for 2012. With nearly four months still remaining in 2012, the company hopes to accelerate sales even further, said Steve Siembieda, Chief Operating Officer for Advanced Analytical.

The vigorous export growth is driven by rising demand for a new product called the Fragment AnalyzerTM Automated CE System, according to Siembieda. "With our initial 2012 export goals already achieved, we now hope to double our original projections for international sales this year. We're also exceeding our targets for domestic sales, but the overseas orders just keep coming in," Siembieda said. "In the last two months alone we've shipped major orders to Japan, China, France, Germany, Sweden, England, Switzerland, Chile, Brazil, Canada, Turkey and India. And we recently concluded agreements with new distributors in Russia, Italy and Australia, so we see continued growth ahead."

Siembieda added that Advanced Analytical's equipment plays a vital role in the worldwide boom in genetic and genomic research. "It really is the new frontier of scientific discovery," he said. "Researchers are seeking a better understanding of DNA and RNA so they can find insights into diseases such as cancer or autism, or develop better crops with higher yields and disease resistance, or create the newest bio-fuels. That work is happening not only in the United States, but worldwide. We make scientific tools used globally to accomplish those goals."

With assistance from the Iowa Department of Economic Development, in July 2010 the company opened a new laboratory and sales office in Heidelberg, Germany. Kathy Hill, the IDED's International Trade Office Team Leader worked with Advanced Analytical as they considered options for their overseas lab expansion. "There were four factors they needed to look at," Hill said. "The first was how they could best service their existing clients. The next question was: would they be close to potential new customers? Third, they also needed to look at the available pool of skilled labor to work in the laboratory; and finally, they needed to consider transportation and shipping costs to be competitive in the European market."

Rapid sales arrived with the introduction of the Fragment Analyzer, combined with the opening of the new laboratory in Heidelberg. The company's decision 30 months ago to construct a new laboratory in the heart of Western Europe was absolutely critical to Advanced Analytical's growth this year, according to Debi Durham, Director of the Iowa Department of Economic Development.

"Success in exporting does not happen overnight," Durham said. "You have to invest time, resources and capital. You have to show commitment. Opening a new laboratory demonstrates commitment to the European market. Clearly Advanced Analytical's customers have responded not only to that commitment, but also to the quality of products manufactured by highly-skilled Iowa workers. When a research laboratory located 8,000 miles from Ames decides to buy a precision instrument for leading biotech applications, that's a tribute to the company's expertise."

Exports for all Iowa companies grew from $10.8 billion in 2010 to $13.3 billion in 2011, a rate of 22.7% growth over a slightly different time span compared to Advanced Analytical's 2011-2012 growth spurt. (See: The Business Roundtable has previously noted that the engine of Iowa's export growth is driven primarily by small- and mid-sized companies, who account for approximately half of Iowa's export revenue.

Founded in 1998, Advanced Analytical also sells two mature product lines into Europe and Asia where the company has dominant market share: purity analysis of oligonucleotides used in biotech applications, and equipment used by pharmaceutical R&D companies for studying properties of new drug compounds. As a result, Advanced Analytical has always had a stable, solid presence in Europe and Asia. With the arrival of the Fragment AnalyzerTM, new distributors were added this year in South America, Australia, Eastern Europe and China.

Laboratories that study DNA and RNA use the Fragment AnalyzerTM. Siembieda says the primary advantage of the Fragment Analyzer is acceleration of DNA/RNA analysis for scientists, allowing them to complete their work quickly. The unit also has exceptionally high resolution and is the first automated instrument for measuring very large strands of DNA, up to 40,000 base pairs in length.

"Once potential customers see how the instrument performs, it's amazing how well the concepts of 'saving time' and 'high quality' translate easily into any language," Siembieda said. The company has a long list of prestigious international clients, including the Ontario Cancer Research Institute, the Sanger Sequencing Center in England, the RIKEN Institute in Japan, the Max Planck Institute in Germany, Cancer Research UK in England, the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, Seoul National University, Osaka University, the French National Institute for Agricultural Research, and the Research Institute for Molecular Pathology in Vienna. American clients include the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and the National Institutes of Health.

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