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China's Botany Institute Finds Plant Mutations with New Technology

Published: Thursday, June 13th, 2013
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In the world of genetics and genomics, the object of the game is to detect mutations in genes as completely and quickly as possible. One mutation detection method is called "TILLiNG"-- Targeting Induced Local Lesions in Genomes. Until recently, TILLiNG techniques had limited efficiency because they are labor-intensive and slow.

However, the Institute of Botany for the Chinese Academy of Sciences has accelerated their TILLiNG research efforts by utilizing the Fragment AnalyzerTM Automated CE System.

"The Fragment Analyzer helps us to achieve high-throughput detections of SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) in a much faster and automatic manner," says Dr. Chun-Ming Liu, Director, Key Laboratory of Plant Molecular Biology at the Institute of Botany. "We have used the Fragment Analyzer to screen mutations in TILLiNG and ECOTILLiNG for functional genomics."

When the Institute of Botany wanted to improve TILLiNG methods, they conducted a rigorous review. "We decided to purchase the Fragment Analyzer over other platforms after some careful evaluations," said Dr. Liu. "We are very pleased with our purchase of the Fragment Analyzer."

Manufactured by Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc. (AATI), in Ames, Iowa, the Fragment Analyzer is a capillary electrophoresis instrument for analyzing DNA and RNA. The product is sold and serviced throughout China by Spectron Scientific Co., Ltd, a Beijing-based instrument company.

"We are pleased to be distributing the Fragment Analyzer from Advanced Analytical because of the instrument's capabilities, specifically for plant researchers working on TILLiNG and plant genotyping," said Dr. Jim Zhu, President of Spectron Scientific. "The instrument provides all the key benefits researchers need…throughput, accuracy, sensitivity and usable analytical software. Specifically with our TILLiNG customers, the Fragment Analyzer provides many benefits over the traditional manual methods, allowing more samples to be analyzed faster and with less effort and consumption of their genomic DNA."

Numerous Fragment Analyzers have already been placed in China during the initial product introduction phase, including a half-dozen in Beijing alone.

"Though the Chinese marketplace is huge, we are confident that the sales and technical staff from Spectron can cover this market," said Dr. Steven J. Lasky, CEO of Advanced Analytical. "By working with key opinion leaders in their respective fields, Spectron's staff has been able to place instruments at key sites and raise the awareness of the Fragment Analyzer to other parties. We are excited to have Spectron as one of our key distributors."

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