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AATI Moved to Ankeny

Published: Tuesday, August 25th, 2015
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After getting its start in the Iowa State University Research Park, AATI has moved to a larger facility in Ankeny, Iowa.

Effective August 25, 2015, AATI has moved from the Iowa State University Research Park in Ames, Iowa to larger facilities in Ankeny, Iowa. The driving factor behind the move was the explosive growth AATI has undergone since the release of the Fragment Analyzer™ in 2012, the demand for more space was so pressing AATI could not wait for a new facility to be built in Ames.

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"Our needs are fairly specialized from the standpoint of facilities... and there was a property in Ankeny that fit our needs", said AATI CFO Brian Thompson.

AATI has invested in the economic development of Iowa and now Iowa has invested in AATI. The move of corporate offices and production facilities from Ames to Ankeny was assisted in part by loans from the city of Ankeny and from the Iowa Economic Development Authority. The Ankeny City Council approved a loan to AATI for the customization of the new facilities; half of that amount is forgivable if AATI creates at least 24 jobs that meet a minimum salary requirement. Similarly, the Iowa Economic Development Authority supplied additional funding and tax credits, also dependent on job creation.

Moving corporate headquarters to Ankeny doubled the floor space occupied by AATI to 33,000 square feet. The larger facility has provided numerous benefits, including: expanded production facilities to keep up with growing demand; large, cutting edge labs for research and development; as well as extensive office space for current and future employees. The move to Ankeny has better equipped AATI to continue investing in Iowa.

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