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AATI and Illumina Partner to Promote Scalable NGS QC Solutions

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Published: Wednesday, September 13th, 2017
Tags: Alliances, Corporate News

Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc (AATI) is excited to partner with Illumina to support collaborations and co-marketing activities involving our Fragment Analyzer™ Automated CE Systems for quality assessment of nucleic acids in Illumina next-generation sequencing (NGS) workflows. Assessing nucleic acid quality is essential for the success of NGS applications. The Fragment Analyzer provides a scalable method, tested by Illumina, for accurate analysis of a broad range of sample types in Illumina NGS library prep workflows, including genomic DNA, RNA, cell-free liquid biopsy, single-cell isolates, and prepared libraries before sequencing. Illumina has published an Application Note that provides an overview of Fragment Analyzer QC solutions for a variety of Illumina’s NGS library preparation workflows such as whole genome, exome, RNA expression, methylation, amplicon and targeted panels. 

To learn more about the co-marketing agreement signed by Illumina and AATI, click here

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