New CRISPR/Cas9 Mutation Detection Kit

Published: Tuesday, December 1st, 2015
Tags: CRISPR, Fragment Analyzer, Regent Kits

AATI releases kit for the high-throughput screening of samples to detect CRISPR induced mutations.

CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing is revolutionizing biology, from the treatment of disease to the modification of crops. While it is now easier than ever to edit, insert or knockdown a gene in practically any organism, effective and efficient methods for identifying CRISPR induced mutations have lagged. AATI has recently developed and released a new reagent kit for the accurate and rapid identification of gene editing events after CRISPR mutagenesis on the Fragment Analyzer™.

The DNF-910-1000CP CRISPR Discovery Gel Kit can rapidly and accurately detect modified DNA sequences through heteroduplex cleavage of amplicons. Employed on the robust Fragment Analyzer or the Fragment Analyzer INFINITY™, this kit fits into any workflow, able to test from 12 to over 2400 lines a day with minimal human intervention. Post-run analysis is expedited with the PROSize 2.0® CRISPR plugin which assists in the rapid identification of positive samples, offering a drastic improvement in efficiency over agarose gels. Perhaps most notably, the Fragment Analyzer family of products has the required sensitivity to detect extremely low mutation percentages in pooled samples. The efficient and accurate detection of gene editing events provided by the CRISPR Discovery Gel Kit promises to further advance this burgeoning technique.

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