Fragment Analyzer improves workflow in clinical setting

Published: Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016
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Fragment AnalyzerTM and SMRT® sequencing technology used in HLA typing workflow.

The Fragment Analyzer was recently featured in the poster “Introducing Single Molecule Real-Time (SMRT®) Sequencing in a Clinical Routine Setting”, published by the Anthony Nolan Research Institute. The poster presented data on the usage of Pacific Biosciences® SMRT sequencing technology in HLA typing and the important role the Fragment Analyzer plays in the workflow. SMRT sequencing technology improved the accuracy of high-throughput HLA typing, an important technique in matching donors to recipients for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Notably, the researchers found that the Fragment Analyzer, “…proved to be the most precise and quickest QC tool for this high-throughput technique”.

Anthony Nolan is a non-profit organization based in the United Kingdom, perhaps best known for facilitating donor and recipient matches for the treatment of blood cancers and disorders. Additionally, Anthony Nolan funds cutting edge research into the treatment of blood cancers and disorders through the Anthony Nolan Research Institute.

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