Advanced Analytical Technologies Sells Additional Fragment Analyzer Instruments to Amyris

Published: Wednesday, April 25th, 2012
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Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc. (AATI), based in Ames, Iowa, has sold three additional Fragment AnalyzerTM instruments to Amyris, Inc., a California-based leader in renewable fuels and chemicals. Now with four Fragment Analyzers, Amyris has the ability to genetically screen more than 5,000 yeast strains a day.

"Many of our clients are pioneers in a variety of scientific applications including cancer-related research, testing for genetically-related diseases, autism research and crop science improvement," said Steve Siembieda, AATI's Chief Operating Officer. "Amyris is clearly a leader in biofuels development, and we are excited that after rigorous review of other technologies, they have chosen the Fragment Analyzer as an essential element in their genetic screening process."

Amyris uses propriety high-throughput processes to create and identify microbial systems that can produce renewable fuels and chemicals. The Fragment Analyzer provides Amyris with an efficient screening method to ensure harvested strains contain the appropriate genetic profile needed for producing the desired products.

"Amyris strain engineering platform is at the leading edge of high throughput rational strain construction and synthetic biology. To maintain a high degree of quality in our platform, we needed a better method for rapid genotype verification of the engineered strains. We found the speed, resolution, quality, and versatility required in AATI's Fragment Analyzer, and it proved to be superior to agarose gels as well as a reduced need for genomic sequencing," said Dr. Sunil Chandran, Senior Scientist with Amyris.

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