AATI Announces New Instrument Fragment Analyzer INFINITY

Published: Friday, January 1st, 2016
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AATI premieres an ultra-high throughput instrument geared towards automated laboratories.

AATI received positive feedback after debuting the Fragment Analyzer INFINITYTM at SLAS 2016. The INFINITY is an exciting new instrument designed with high throughput genomics laboratories in mind by seamlessly integrating into any robotic workflow and interfacing with LIMS.

According to the Vice President of Operations, Jeremy Kenseth, “We see the potential for the rapid adoption of this instrument, especially for labs employing automated robotic workflows for nucleic acid QC or next gen sequencing. The INFINITY improves the efficiency of high throughput analysis without compromising the quality of results.”

Built on the trusted frame of the Fragment Analyzer™, the INFINITY is compatible with all existing Fragment Analyzer Kits, of which more than 20 qualitative and quantitative kit options now exist, covering most types of nucleic acids. The kit compatibility between instruments, combined with the ability to interface with virtually any robotic arm, allows the Fragment Analyzer INFINITY to take the next step in the high throughput analysis of DNA and RNA samples.

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