AATI and Illumina streamline NGS quality control with the Fragment Analyzer.

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Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc. (AATI) is proud to partner with Illumina as their transformative sequencing technologies shape the modern era of genomic discovery and personalized medicine.

AATI and Illumina have joined forces to streamline nucleic acid quality analysis for Illumina next-generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation with AATI's Fragment Analyzer Automated CE Systems.

The Fragment Analyzer systems provide a scalable method, tested by Illumina, for accurate analysis of a broad range of sample types in Illumina NGS library prep workflows, including genomic DNA, RNA, cell-free liquid biopsy, single-cell isolates, and prepared libraries before sequencing.

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See the partnership announcement on the Illumina News Center

How Illumina views the new alliance with AATI and how it improves, the speed, quality and accuracy of next-generation sequencing.

Read about the partnership at the Illumina News Center >
Illumina Application Note

See the Illumina Application Note

Illumina's Application Note demonstrates how AATI Fragment Analyzer systems streamline nucleic acid quality analysis for a broad range of Illumina NGS applications, including whole genome, exome, RNA expression, methylation, amplicon and targeted panels.

See the Illumina Application Note >
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