Strategic Alliances

AATI works with other companies to provide our customers with complete workflow solutions for any application, from NGS library construction to screening for CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing events.

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Advanced Analytical has partnered with market leading companies to optimize workflows for sequencing library preparations. The Fragment Analyzer, 5400 Fragment Analyzer and the Femto Pulse are now the industry standard for quality and quantity analysis of DNA and RNA and are recommended by these companies.

Platform FeaturesAATI Platform
MiniSeq™, MiSeq®, NextSeq®, HiSeq®, HiSeq X™, NovaSeq™ NGS Systems
  • Sequencing by synthesis (SBS) responsible for more than 90% of the world's sequencing data*
  • Efficient and scalable benchtop and production scale next-generation sequencers
TruSeq®, TruSight®, Nextera® Library Preparation Kits
  • Enable diverse sequencing methods for a variety of sample types and throughput needs
  • Focus areas include genomic research, cancer research, reproductive health, agrigenomics, complex disease, microbial genomics, and genetic health

*Data calculations on file. Illumina, Inc. 2015.

Fragment Analyzer
  • Accurate quantification and qualification of RNA and DNA samples
  • Illumina tested quality metrics to guide library preparation from challenging samples
  • Superior sensitivity for low molecular weight fragments and contaminants
  • Improved sizing of Illumina library smears
  • Scalable throughput for parallel analysis of 12, 48, or 96 samples
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Platform FeaturesAATI Platform
RS II/SequelTM Systems
  • Deliver about ~7X more reads with 1 million zero-mode waveguides
  • Ideal for generating whole genome de novo assemblies and for targeted enrichment studies
  • Generate long reads with uniform coverage and high accuracy
Fragment AnalyzerTM
  • Reduce overnight QC steps to 1 hour
  • Accurately size DNA fragments up to 50 kb
  • Conserve sample for sequencing with minimal input requirement

downloadPacBio Workflow Solution

Femto PulseTM
  • Separate, size, and quantify DNA smears through 165 Kb
  • Requires only picogram quantities of DNA
  • Complete separations in about 1.5 hours

downloadFast High-Res DNA Sizing

downloadBest Practices for WGS

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Platform FeaturesAATI Platform
  • High-quality fragmentation for long-read sequencing
  • Automated walk-away processing
  • Shear DNA from 3Kb to 75Kb
  • Achieve tight fragment distributions
Fragment AnalyzerTM
  • Separate and size large fragment smears accurately
  • Eliminate overnight PFGE separations
  • Dramatically reduce library preparation time

downloadNature Methods Paper

downloadBest Workflow Practices for ChIP-seq Analysis with Small Samples

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Platform FeaturesAATI Platform
Freedom Evo® Workstation
  • Accurately normalize samples based on molarity
  • Automate important QC checkpoints
  • Integrated software for remotely control operations
Fragment Analyzer INFINTYTM
  • All 5 drawers can interface with a robotic arm
  • Robust API for continuous operation
  • High resolution separation of 96 samples in parallel

downloadTecan Application Note

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Platform FeaturesAATI Platform
Mosquito® liquid handlers
  • Validated protocols for miniaturized molecular biology and genomics applications. Versatile, open system with intuitive software
  • Precise and accurate low volume pipetting
  • Ideal for reducing reagent consumption or handling precious sample
Fragment AnalyzerTM
  • Accurate quantification and qualification of large-scale scRNA-Seq preparations
  • High throughput and efficient nucleic acid QC
  • High detection sensitivity and broad sizing range with kits available for numerous applications

downloadMosquito / Fragment Analyzer Flyer

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Platform FeaturesAATI Platform
  • Reduce dead volumes to 6 µL
  • Maximize reproducibility of library preps with precision down to 100 nL
  • Miniaturize reactions to increase throughput without increasing costs
  • Construct high-quality libraries, even from single cells
Fragment AnalyzerTM
  • Accurately quantify and qualify single cell library preparations
  • High sensitivity nucleic acid detection and quantification with a broad sizing range for numerous applications
  • Variable throughput enables the parallel analysis of 12, 48, or 96 samples
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