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Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc. (AATI) simplifies complex genomics workflows to accelerate research and discovery in pharmaceuticals, life science, biofuels, biotechnology and healthcare.

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About Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc.

Exciting news! Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc. (AATI) has joined the Agilent family. AATI and its employees are joining the newly created Biomolecular Analysis Division. This new division merges the capillary electrophoresis solutions from AATI with Agilent’s microfluidics technologies. You can read more on the acquisition here. Learn more about the future of AATI, and its products, in the following video from Knut Wintergerst, the Acting General Manager of the new division.

AATI develops, manufactures and markets high-throughput, fully-automated nucleic acid analysis systems. The company's products have both commercial and research applications and are designed to improve processes within the molecular diagnostics, pharmaceutical, life science, agricultural and biofuels industries. The company's product portfolio includes instruments for the parallel analysis of biomolecules, DNA, RNA, genomic DNA, double-stranded DNA, pharmaceutical compounds and proteins using capillary electrophoresis (CE) with fluorescence detection or UV absorbance.

The company's flagship product, the Fragment Analyzer™, is recognized as the best-in-class, multi-channel, automated fluorescence-based CE detection system for the simultaneous analysis of the quantity and quality of nucleic acids, including: dsDNA fragments, gDNA, NGS fragments and RNA (total and messenger), and microsatellites (SSR).

Our technology platform also powers the OLIGO PRO II™ for oligonucleotide analysis.

The company has facilities in Ankeny, Iowa, USA; Paris, France; London, UK and Heidelberg, Germany. We support customers through a global network of distributors and support centers.