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Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc. is now Agilent Technologies. We are excited to be able to provide our customers all of the opportunities and benefits this will bring them.

AATI Scientist

Things that you need to know.

On May 31, 2018, Agilent Technologies acquired Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc. (AATI). Since then, many changes have happened and with more to come as we transition into Agilent, we want to make things as easy as possible for our customers.

Learn more about the future of AATI, and its products, in the following video from Knut Wintergerst, the Acting General Manager of the new division.

As of October 30, 2018, all Advanced Analytical products were absorbed into Agilent’s product line. There will be a slight ordering hold starting at 12:00pm CST on October 30th and going through November 4th. From November 5th on, any and all orders and requests for service will go through Agilent. Even though these processes will change, you will still be working with the same representatives who are dedicated to providing the best quality products and service as you did when we were AATI.

It is likely, as we complete the transition over the next few months, that you will continue to see some products or materials with AATI branding, and that’s ok. No matter which label you see, we stand behind our products and service.

We understand that you may have questions. We hope that the following FAQs help answer those questions. If you have further questions after reviewing the FAQs, please feel free to Contact Us anytime.



How do I request a quote to purchase a new instrument?
To request a quote or contact your local sales/account representative, visit Where to Buy for the listing by country of your sales rep.

I have a current quote issued by AATI, is it still valid?
Yes, all quotes issued by AATI will be honored through their expiration date.

How do I place an order for AATI products?
After November 1, all new orders should be placed with either Agilent or your local distributor (see below) Please update your vendor records to be effective as of November 1, with the new Agilent information on the country-specific Fact Sheet.

Will AATI product numbers be changing?
No, there will be no changes to AATI product numbers.

Will my AATI Distributor be the same?
There will be country specific changes, please refer to the Distributor listing which can be found on either Contact Support or Contact Us.

Will order payments still be made to AATI?
If you have an invoice from AATI for a recent order, you should make the payment to AATI per the instructions on that invoice.

All new orders placed with and fulfilled by Agilent, will be invoiced and sent from Agilent with remittance instructions on the invoice.

I am a customer who is already set-up with Agilent as a vendor, do I need to do or change anything to my current vendor information?
No, if you are already set-up with Agilent as a vendor you do not need to do anything. You can also refer to the country-specific Fact Sheet for additional details.


Are the terms of my support agreement/warranty changing?
If you have an existing warranty or support agreement that will be active beyond November 1, it will be legally assigned to Agilent Technologies. There will be no change to the existing terms and conditions. Any support agreements issued on or after Nov 1 shall be with Agilent Technologies.


How I contact Technical Support?
On November 1 Technical Support contact numbers may change. Find who to contact for technical support either at Contact Support or Contact Us

Will my AATI contact numbers remain the same?
On November 1, the contact numbers you used to reach AATI will change. There may also be country-specific changes. You can find more details on our Contact Support.

Are AATI emails changing?
Yes, AATI email addresses have changed to Agilent email addresses. For example: is now You may continue to use the AATI email which will forward to the new Agilent email, but we recommend you update your records to reflect the new Agilent email address.

How do I schedule technical training?
Contact your sales representative or product specialist who will be able to advise you on current technical training available.

Will I continue to receive AATI emails/notifications?
Yes, if you are currently subscribed, you will continue to receive email updates regarding Agilent orders, products, services and events. Should you wish to subscribe, visit the website to Register.