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"The Fragment Analyzer provides us with superior data compared to our previous methods..."

–Dr. Henry Long, Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

"If my laboratory was on fire, the only instrument I'd run in to save would be Fragment Analyzer."

–Dr. Brewster Kingham, Delaware Biotech Institute

"Both sample costs and maintenance of the instrument are low while providing high data quality."

–EMBL Research Group, Heidelberg, Germany.

"Much money can be saved by identifying problems at an early stage. With the Fragment Analyzer, we can do this in high throughput..."

–Dr. Mikael Kubista, CEO, TATAA Biocenter, Sweden.

"We needed rapid genotype verification of engineered strains. We found the speed, resolution, quality and versatility required in Fragment Analyzer..."

–Dr. Sunil Chandran, Senior Scientist, Amyris.

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